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The Raphael Hospital is a unique centre providing a holistic, integrated “mind-body-spirit” approach to the neurorehabilitation of adults.

Acute neurorehabilitation Acute neurorehabilitation

Providing a goal-focussed approach to inpatient neurological rehabilitation with comprehensive care planning and access to a seven day a week therapy service.

Neurobehavioural rehab Neurobehavioural rehab

Offering a safe and caring inpatient environment for neurobehavioral needs, including those subject to section under the Mental Health

Slow-stream services Slow-stream services

Supporting people to live independently in our on-site independent living accommodation, maximising recovery, community re-integration and independence.

Long-term complex care Long-term complex care

We also provide specialist care for long-term conditions that are complex and require specialist intervention, including tracheostomy management and ventilator care.

Patient stories

At the age of twenty eight Gary was assaulted by a gang with baseball bats and a hammer, resulting in several skull fractures and severe brain damage. For nineteen months he had little awareness of his surroundings before he started to show some recovery. Following intensive acute rehabilitation, Gary made significant progress in regaining consciousness, cognition and executive function.

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Rehab team
Rehab team

We benefit from a large interdisciplinary team consisting of physicians, therapists and registered nurses, among others. Meet the team

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