Family information

Here at The Raphael Hospital we understand that family members play a vital role in the recovery of an individual. We also recognise that a neurological condition affects not only the individual but the whole family. Therefore, even before your loved one is admitted to our hospital, we ensure that families are given information about the processes, therapies and daily activities required to maximise recovery and independence.

We provide a person-centred and holistic approach to rehabilitation. All of our patient care plans focus on the cognitive, social, emotional, psychological and physical effects of their condition and takes each individual’s long and short-term goals and objectives into account. We believe families are an integral part of this approach.

We recognise the importance of working together with families as we know they can provide our clinical staff with valuable insight into their loved one’s preferences, values, personality and aspirations. We are always honest and transparent with families about what recovery and rehabilitation can be achieved. Families are encouraged to attend regular review meetings with the interdisciplinary team and professionals managing and/or funding the placement. We ensure families are involved in reviewing progress and in decisions about care plans, long and short-term goals and planning for discharge.

Here at Raphael, we also recognise that families need their own support structure and so we hold regular family support meetings. These meetings cover topics requested by families and also allow time for peer support. In these meetings we have covered topics such as: the brain, prolonged disorders of consciousness, swallowing and communication difficulties, experiential art and self-care.

We are also developing a six-week brain injury awareness programme for families and are also planning a brain injury fun day for children whose family member is a patient at The Raphael Hospital.