Research for clinicians: how to combine clinical work with research (September 2018)
Course title Research for clinicians: how to combine clinical work with research
Date(s) Wednesday 26 September 2018
Location Raphael Hospital, Hildenborough TN11 9LE
Fees £95 per delegate / Student rate £60


Clinicians need to evaluate their work in order to ensure its effectiveness; and they need to be in a position to inform other members of their own and other relevant professions of progress in their work. For every patient or client we see, we should ask ourselves: “Is this patient changing and, if so, is the change due to what we are doing (or have done) or would it have happened anyway?” This workshop discusses ways in which we can make research part of our clinical work.

All clinicians plan their treatment sessions and make notes afterwards. From this we can take further measure in planning, measuring, evaluating and recording our interventions so that we are in effect conducting research. We need to begin with a question, posed in such a way that it can be answered. General questions, such as:  “Does medicine work or do drugs work?’ are essentially unanswerable. Instead of asking the question ‘Does rehabilitation work?’ we should ask specific questions such as “Do people learn better when prevented from making mistakes during learning?” With regard to methodology, we consider surveys, observations and experiments.  We look at group designs and single case experimental designs (different from single case reports), which allow us to tease out the effects of treatment from natural recovery, extra attention or other non-treatment related effects.

This programme will include practical working on research vignettes.


Speakers:      Professor Barbara Wilson, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist (The Raphael Hospital/ The Oliver Zangwill Centre); Dr. Anita Rose, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist (The Raphael Hospital)