Formulation in neuropsychological rehabilitation: basic principles (November 2018)
Course title Formulation in neuropsychological rehabilitation: basic principles and their application in the rehabilitation of executive functions
Date(s) Thursday 30 November 2018
Location Raphael Hospital, Hildenborough TN11 9LE
Fees £95 per delegate / Student rate £60


Aims of the morning session:

  • Give an overview of the theory and evidence base for the use of formulation in neuropsychological rehabilitation
  • Provide guidelines for translating principles into practice in neuropsychological rehabilitation
  • Introduce a model for developing a case formulation and rehabilitation plan
  • Present a cognitive rehabilitation case example to illustrate these processes in depth
  • Provide opportunities to practice case formulation and rehabilitation planning


Aims of the afternoon session:

  • Describe a theoretical model of executive functions that is useful in clinical practice
  • Discuss the evidence base for rehabilitation of executive functions
  • Describe practical rehabilitation strategies that follow from the model and adhere to the evidence base
  • Offer case examples and opportunities to apply principles learned to attendees’ own clinical cases


Speakers:      Dr. Jill Winegardner, Clinical Psychologist (The Oliver Zangwill Centre); Dr. Jessica Fish, Clinical Psychologist (The Oliver Zangwill Centre)