Our approach

We live and work by the values and principles of anthroposophy. Anthroposophy is a formal therapeutic, educational, creative and spiritual system established by Rudolf Steiner, as ‘a path of knowledge to guide the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe’. Starting from his insight that thinking is a spiritual activity, Steiner showed how we can extend our scientific consciousness to embrace knowledge of the spiritual dimension of existence.

The outcome is a science of the spirit capable of providing us with the ability to comprehend the spiritual as well as the physical nature of life, and to recognise the importance of this knowledge for the future of humanity.

Anthroposophy is an amalgam of the Greek terms ‘anthropos’ = ‘human’ and ‘sophia’ = ‘wisdom’ which is understood as “the knowledge of the nature of man”

Steiner suggested that human beings unite a physical body of a nature common to (and that ultimately returns to) the inorganic world; a life body (also called the etheric body), in common with all living creatures (including plants); a bearer of sentience or consciousness (also called the astral body), in common with all animals; and the ego, which anchors the faculty of self-awareness unique to human beings.

Steiner gave several series of lectures to physicians and medical students. Out of those grew a complementary medical movement intending to “extend the knowledge gained through the methods of the natural sciences of the present age with insights from spiritual science. This movement now includes hundreds of M.D.s, chiefly in Europe and North America, and has its own clinics, hospitals, and medical schools.